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nDolphinz are an NFT project in which the dolphin, a symbol of the Dolphin watch and a world-loved animal, is the main character. nDolphinz carry out various missions for this purpose with the subtitle “Ocean Healing Project”. Fun and meaningful events await, such as donations to charities that help with natural release, production of marine debris upcycling goods, and digital asset presentations as a reward for plogging. In addition, INSCOBEE-exclusive points are paid every month according to the grade of NFT you have, so you can experience the ready-made products provided by INSCOBEE and various new and limited edition products to be released in the future.

Dolphin Watch is a sports watch brand launched in 1984 by Handok Watch, which was established in 1970 and operated by INSCOBEE, which has been listed on the Korean stock market since 1985. It is a Made in Korea watch brand that has few remaining in Korea, which competed side by side.

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